weatherone[1]WeatherOne® CoverCoat
WeatherOne CoverCoats are 100% Acrylic premium quality products with excellent hiding and durability. Available in flat, satin, or semi-gloss finishes for use on stucco, masonry and primed wood and other properly prepared substrates. CoverCoat Flat Latex is an ideal choice for masking the effects of uneven light refraction on irregular surfaces. CoverCoat Satin and Semi Gloss Latex are premium quality exterior finishes and are ideal choices for aluminum and weathered vinyl siding. 


WeatherOne® Stains
WeatherOne® 100% Acrylic Solid Hide and Acrylic Semi-Transparent Stains are ideal choices for vertical wood siding, fences, wood composites, shingles, trim and fascias and out door furniture. Features superior adhesion properties.




Rich exterior wood finishes in Cedar Tone or Amber Tone that provide outstanding UV protection. Ideal for surfaces such as doors, railings, exterior wood furniture, soffits, siding, log homes, and hot tub surrounds.




SharkSkin® Deck & Siding Stain: The ultimate in Deck & Siding protection! SharkSkin® Solid Hide stain is an exterior 100% acrylic solid hide stain developed with the industry’s latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology that provides superior adhesion, durability and resistance to cracking, peeling, and blistering. Formulated with fewer volatile solvents and additional mold & mildew inhibitors compared to conventional solid hide stain.                            


Sharkskin Translucent Deck Stain: A combination of time-tested alkyd resins and oils sharkskin-transparentthat provide a calculated combination of deep penetration and durability to provide maximum longevity and protection for exterior wood surfaces. Use on vertical and horizontal surfaces, new or existing decks, pool and hot tub surrounds, stairs, railings, siding, outdoor furniture, trim, lattice, doors, spindles, timber frames and fences.

porch and floorPorch & Floor           

A premium, single component, low luster, floor coating for interior or exterior use. Ideal for application on concrete and wood floors, basement and utility room floors, concrete patios and porches. Performs well on properly prepared interior wood and concrete walking surfaces on exterior cured concrete and asphalt surfaces. This product develops a hard, durable low sheen finish and is available in all colours – a seemingly limitless range of custom-tinted colours.