The ceilings in our home are stucco and they seem to have discoloured over the years. I know they need painting but I have no idea what paint to use.

Stucco ceilings, or popcorn ceilings as they are sometimes called, are spray applied and a specific roller and paint are required to paint them. Because the texture is water-based and contains very little binder, using a latex paint for a first coating can re-activate the stucco and cause it to release and fall from the ceiling. It is recommended that an oil-based or alkyd flat paint be applied the first time the ceiling is painted. This will solidify and seal the stucco, leaving a clean solid surface. The paint is best applied using a high pile roller (20-30mm) to cushion the texture and hold an adequate amount of paint to cover the surface. Latex or acrylic paints may be used for subsequent coats.