Renaissance® Hybrid Interior, Exterior Finish, Semi-Gloss (GL5)

Renaissance provides excellent water and abrasion resistance to withstand repeated scrubbing and wear and tear. Exceptional adhesion, coverage and weather resistance makes this product and ideal replacement for the older oil-based alkyd enamels. Ideal for properly prepared and primed interior or exterior wood trim, doors, mouldings, drywall, cabinets, railings, fascias, and soffits. Suitable for primed ferrous or non-ferrous metal substrates including railings, shutters, gutters and down-pipes. Also suitable for fibreglass and other engineered wood or composite surfaces.

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Features & Benefits

Product Code : 03113

Category : Interior Topcoat / Exterior Topcoat

Chemistry : Waterborne Alkyd

  • Toughness and durability of alkyd or oil-based paint
  • Semi-gloss, with superior flow and levelling performance
  • Good sag resistance for easy application by brush, roller or spray
  • Excellent water and abrasion resistance
  • Good adhesion, coverage and weather resistance